Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatulahee wa barakatu,

Islam is an active way of life. The knowledge is endless: not only do we learn from reading the Quran, authentic hadiths and other reliable sources, but we also learn by experience. By engaging ourselves in continuous learning, we grow in 'ilm and taqwa. So every week we have commited ourselves, insha Allah, to learning more about our deen by focusing on a particular topic and studying it from various resources. But what is knowledge if it isn't shared? Therefore, we are extended out our research to you. We are not scholars; we just seek the knowledge to better ourselves in Islam. Since there is so much that can be said about each topic, we will try to keep them brief and general. We welcome questions, comments and suggestions through our Contact page.

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The Coveted Love

Love: It is a bonding emotion.  There is a yearning desire to be close to that which we love. It brings us comfort in our hearts.  It brings us a sense of peace and security.  When we love someone, we constantly think of them, and seek out ways to please them so that they are pleased with us.


But love in itself must be expressed, not just declared; it must be substantiated by action, and not just... Read the article

Mind Your Manners

The Islam Way article, Quranic Way of Life,(featured under our Web Focus section) outlines the proper adaab Muslims should have according to the Quran, and exhibits how comprehensive the religion of Islam really is.   It's inspirational.  It leaves not one detail out in our lives. The religion of Islam is all encompassing.  We are given guidance in every aspect of our life. This in turn simplifies our life - and leaves us dignified. It reminds me of the hadith narrated by... Read the article

At Her Feet

After finally getting my infant son to sleep, I attempted to catch up on housework that I had abandoned while he was awake.  As I reached for each hanger in order to put up some laundered clothes, I tried desperately to be as quiet as possible so that I didn't wake him up.  At that moment, an old memory surfaced in my mind: I remember as a teenager, I used to stay out late and wake up late, even to my mother’s displeasure.  She would try to wake me up around 11 am, without any... Read the article

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